Japanese ESP Guitars is one of the world's leading manufactuers of guitars and basses. ESP is worldwide known of its modern and high-quality instruments. ESP guitars and basses are made in Japan. ESP USA started in 2014 a small-scale production of handcrafted models in California. ESP manufactures also wide selection of affordable and high-quality ESP LTD series. ESP respects many of their artists with signature models such as James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, George Lynch, Alexi laiho, Stephen Carpenter, Gus G, Jeff Hanneman, Tom Araya and Ron Wood. Guitar Store by Soitinkauppa Kaksi Kitaraa sells new and used ESP guitars.
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ESP LTD TE-401 BLKS 2021 (used)
ESP LTD TE-401 BLKS 2021 (used)
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