The prices include VAT 24%.

Electric guitars/basses 68 €  - - with fixed bridge or simple trem unit (Strat-type)
Acoustic/Classical guitars: 65 € + string set
Floating bridge guitars (Floyd Rose) 85 € + string set

Full service includes the following: new strings, cleaning and oiling of the fretboard, polishing frets, set up of intonation, string height and truss rod for proper relief. Checking the electronics and cleaning the pots. Also some minor soldering will be done if something’s obviously wrong. Pickup height will be adjusted for balanced output. 

Pickup change for one pup 40 €
Pickup change for 2 pups 55 €
Pickup change for 3 pups 70€
Ask for Seymour Duncan and EMG pickups! KANKI Guitars Custom pickups on order from 75 €.

Nut bone/Tusq 60 €
Jack change 40 € + parts
Jacks from 6 € / pc.
Potentiometer or switch change 40 € + parts
Pots from 6 €
Switches from 10 €
Fret leveling 120 €
Rounding of fret ends 60 €
Re-fretting the whole neck 250 €
With maple fretboard + 60 €, fretboard with bindings + 60 €, stainless steel frets + 90 €
Machine heads change 40 € + parts
Piezo pickups for an Acoustic instrument 155 €

Including two piezos and endpin jack with strap button.

Teemu is a guitar builder who want’s you to have a good instrument. That is achieved by making a new one or servicing the old one. You know you have a good instrument when playing it makes you feel good.

You guitar does not need to be broken to have it serviced. Every professional knows this. A neglected guitar will kill your feeling of playing. With our guitar maintenance service your guitar gets a new lease in life and you’ll be happy playing again!

Teemu went to luthier school in Ikaalinen. He graduated as an artisan in 2019. Since then he has serviced hundreds of guitars and built dozens. Now we have him doing the services of our guitar shop.

Bring your guitar/bass for a service to Kaksi Kitaraa guitar shop!